To be fair to Zaynab here, she’s been put in a tight spot. Tighter than any of her other friends. Not that Maida’s thought that through at this point.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida turns to Zaynab, pain on her face: "You didn't tell me, though?"
Panel 2: Zaynab: "Thurga said she would tell everyone my secret! It was in the contract! I fought somebody would come!"
Panel 3: Maida looks down, tears in her eyes: "I... need... to go."
Panel 4: Zaynab: "I'm sorry!"
Panel 5: Zaynab: "Maida!" Maida, rushing out the door, tears on her face: "Leave me alone! I thought we were friends!" The door slams.
Panel 6: Zaynab is left alone in the arcade lobby. Man behind the counter: "You wanna play some solo Xeon Biker? The room is booked for anovver hour."