↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida: "I don't fink anyfing could get me down today."
Panel 2: Maida: "I got a birfday video from my Mum last night!" Maria (nervously): "Right. Your birfday."
Panel 3: Maida, counting off triumphs on her fingers: "I aced four exams already. Nat and them have left me alone for a while. I've got this great party planned..."
Panel 4: Maria: "S-sorry, Maida. I gotta go to the loo again. Sorry." Maida: "Oh. Um."
Panel 5: Maria steps back but gives Maida a thumbs-up. Maria: "I'm really sorry about everyfing. See you laters, yeh?"
Panel 6: Maida, as Maria walks away: "Right! See you laters. Tonight!"
Panel 7: A large crowd of students stands and stares at a holographic clock ticking down from 14 seconds.
Panel 8: The gym doors swing open and students start to file in. Device: "Please enter and take your assigned boofs. All non-essential devices will be dampened except for your work stations."