↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The girls stream into the gymnasium, which has been set up with cubicle dividers, desks, and chairs. Device: "Absolutely no talking. Absolutely no moving around. Should you need assistance, touch the red square at your station. Cheating on an exam is grounds for exclusion by the terms of your school contract."
Panel 2: Maida sits down at an empty desk and a holographic screen appears. Device: "Maida Kilwa. Identity confirmed."
Panel 3: She puts her hands palm-down in two glowing circles on the table while the screen counts down: "Exam (starts) in :15. :14. :13. :12. :11. :10."
Panel 4: Device: ":3. :2. :1. Begin. Don't waste time! Relax and do your best." Throughout the gym, girls start working at their screens as nuns look on.