Coming up with what everyone’s avatar would be for messaging each other was a lot of fun.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida: "Final exams came on so fast. But I was ready."
Panel 2: The outside of Our Lady of Perpetual Industry is busy with students arriving at school.
Panel 3: Students mill about in the hallway. Maida, on a messaging app (her avatar is her Apocalypse Ant character): "There's an hour between the end of the exam and the start of the party, so a lot of people will be late!" Ujana (her avatar is her with her son as a child): "I have everything under control. Stop worrying! Just focus on that test, genius girl!"
Panel 4: Maida is typing. Zaynab (her avatar is a cat with a flower behind it): "Oh my days!!! I'm gonna be late! The train only just arrived at the station!!" Maida: "Relax! You have a half hour before it begins. That's plenty of time."
Panel 5: Maida walks up a staircase. Zaynab: "You don't understand. I need time for last minute studying, innit!!" Maida: "Zaynab! <3"
Panel 6: Maida finds Maria in the crowd. Maida: Maria! Are you ready?" Maria: "Oh! Maida! Ah-- No, I'm pretty nervous. I 'aven't bin doing well in Chemistry. You're not worried?"