↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Narrator: "But I made it to graduation, and even if I couldn't share it with my friends (who were all at another school), I did get to share it with my mum." Maida, wearing graduation cap and gown, cheerfully returns to her mum and aunt with a certificate in hand.
Panel 2: Narrator: "I also survived dating a revolutionary. Not that I have anything against the revolution." Maida sits on the steps of the statue of Sonder Khemani, talking with Tahmaseb, as he makes ready to leave.
Panel 3: Narrator: "But I'm going to be a shidafu. I need to not get in any more trouble than I can manage, or else all my plans will come to nothing."
Panel 4: Maida looks up angrily at the statue of Sonder Khemani towering over her. Narrator: "Maybe there's a Coherence Crisis coming. Maybe not. In the meantime I need to take this chance to become a citizen of Earth."
Panel 5: Maida sits in a room full of her coworkers at her job. Everyone is busy working away at a screen in a cubicle. Narrator: "Apparently the route to becoming a shidafu goes through this crummy job making dodgy rental listings not look like death traps."
Panel 6: She adjusts some images of apartments on a screen. Narrator: "I've been at this job for eight months. Full time for the last two. It honestly makes me miss being a revolutionary."