Volume 2 begins with a recap. Which means I get to dig out my palette for when they’re on Mars.

↓ Transcript
Panels 1 and 2 are blank. Narrator: "My name is Maida Kilwa. I'm sixteen years old."
Panel 3 is just a portrait of Maida, wearing black and white.
Panel 4: Narrator: "I was born on Mars. Now I live on Earth with my mum and my aunt." Maida, her mom, her aunt, and her brother walk across the panel from a sunny Martian street to a crowded, dim hallway under a dome.
Panel 5: Narrator: "The rest of our family are gone. That's why we had to leave our home." Maida tearfully hugs her mom goodbye as she and her aunt make ready to leave Mars. Her brother is absent.
Panel 6: Nat corners Maida in a school hallway. They're both wearing school uniforms. Narrator: "I survived secondary school, but it was close. I was pushed around, manipulated, lost my funding, and excluded."