And that’s basically it for chapter 6! There’s a few inter-chapter pages coming up, and then we start the final chapter in what will be the first of two print volumes!!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: On screen, Rose is laying on a piece of furniture and Jack is hanging on in the freezing ocean. Jack: "Never let go!"
Panel 2: Tahmaseb puts his hand on Maida's.
Panel 3: They're holding hands as they smile at each other.
Panel 4: Maida looks over, surprised to see that her neighbour on her other side is also reaching to hold her hand.
Panel 5: All of the audience members hold each other's hands.
Panel 6: After the movie, Maida and Tahmaseb walk away from the theatre together cheerfully, as do other people. Narrator: "You know, maybe everything's gonna be okay."