↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tamaseb goes through the bag that Maida brought. Tahmaseb: "Wait. Wait. Get your plastic fork ready." Maida, holding a fork: "Got it!"
Panel 2: The screen has cutlery set up for a fancy dinner. Character: "...Just start from the outside and work your way in." People in the audience throw forks and other cutlery at the screen. Random people in the audience: "Now!" "Woo!" "Ha ha"
Panel 3: Maida and Tahmaseb look at each other and laugh.
Panel 4: People around them are booing. Maida: "Okay I don't get this bit. Why are we booing?" Tahmaseb: "It says there are a couple of blacklisted scenes. You always boo at cut scenes." Maida: "ohh. They must have sex or something. That makes sense."
Panel 5: Everyone is blowing up inflatable pool toys or similar. Audience member #1: "Use your wifi!" Audience member #2: "Send a text message!"
Panel 6: On the screen, lead character Jack is talking to Rose on the deck of the Titanic. Jack: "get in the boat, Rose!" Audience member calling out: "It ain't a boat, it's a ship, innit!"