Remember that F-class citizens, which Tahmaseb now is, can’t confer their class status to a fugee through marriage, but every class above them can. Now that wouldn’t have made what Tahmaseb’s plan a good one, though, because would being Sahar’s dsughter-in-law, assuming she wouldn’t block this, really be better that just having her as your debtor? I don’t think Tahmaseb’s thinking this through clearly, and I think Maida knows that.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Sahar walks away from the table. Maida stands up and holds her hands in gratitude. Maida: "Thank-you, Ma'am. So so much." Sahar: "Mmm. Tahmaseb." Tahmaseb (not standing up): "Sahar."
Panel 2: Maida, still holding the holographic contract: "Well! That wasn't so bad." Robot, heading towards the door: "This way, please."
Panel 3: Tahmaseb, holding his fists clenched and looking down at the table: "This was a mistake. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought you here."
Panel 4: Maida, still smiling, closes the screen. Maida: "What do you mean? I got my money. And I got a job!"
Panel 5: Maida puts on her shoulder bag and Tahmaseb gets up from the table. The robot leads them to the door. Tahmaseb: "Look, maybe you shouldn't sign that contract. We can get the money somewhere else." Maida: "There is nowhere else!"
Panel 6: Tahmaseb: "If I was still a amelu I could just marry you and then you wouldn't need to become a shidafu just to get a visa."
Panel 7: Maida is embarrassed and surprised. Maida: "Um." Tahmaseb, not noticing: "I've got money though. Maybe I can cover your tuition at least."