↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Sahar waves away her holographic screen. Sahar: "Although I do see some merit in signin on a fugee."
Panel 2: Sahar: "I imagine yur gratitude might make up for yur deficiencies in other areas, eh? Ya may speak now."
Panel 3: Maida, doing her best to look grateful: "I would absolutely be grateful, Ma'am. You'd be changing my life."
Panel 4: Sahar materializes a new holographic screen and sends it over to Maida. Sahar: "Very well then. Here are my terms. Ya can begin work next Saturday. Trainin ya will take too long. I don't plan on waitin until yu're at Zhongshan."
Panel 5: Maida, clutching the screen preciously: "Um. I'll need to get my aunt to cosign it. I'm fifteen."
Panel 6: Sahar: "Yes, fyne. Just send it along to law firm listed in contact info." She stands up from the table. Sahar: "Now if yu'll excuse me."