Wow that ended up being a longer hiatus than I expected. I’m back now though! And I’m eager to push through to the end of the next chapter and a half. Let’s go!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb: "That's right. Her name is Maida."
Panel 2: Sahar: "Yes, I did read yur message. I must say, I was lyke surprised by yur request."
Panel 3: Sahar, waving her hand dismissively: "Last tyme we spoke, ya had quite the speech prepared about not needin my help or money."
Panel 4: Sahar: "I believe the word 'filthy' was used. 'Tainted' as well." Tahmaseb has his arms crossed and a dark cloud over his head. Tahmaseb: "This isn't for me."
Panel 5: Sahar smiles wryly. Sahar: "Not for you? Whyever would I help this child, with her hobo satchel and threadbare uniform, speak to her or feed her, if it wasn't for you?"
Panel 6: Maida calmly puts down her fork, not having eaten very much.
Panel 7: Maida: "Ma'am, I've been accepted to Zhongshan Daxue, but I..." Sahar waves her off dismissively. Sahar: "Don't interrupt, my dear."