Maida could just ask if the chicken is halal, but if I were her I wouldn’t assume anything about what kind of food Tahmaseb’s mom eats, nor about how she might react to simple questions. Tahmaseb should be a bigger help here, really.

VanCAF is this weekend! This is going to be the first convention I’ve been to in two years! I’m not ready! (But I will be).

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Sahar sits down and a pair of robots start setting out dishes of food for them. Tahmaseb: "I'm only here to..." Sahar: "Ah, ah! Food first. Ya must allow me that much."
Panel 2: The robot sets a dish in front of Maida. It has curry, an egg, and some Ethiopia-style vegetables.
Panel 3: Maida isn't sure if there's chicken in the dish, and if so, whether it's halal or not.
Panel 4: She picks up a dish of fruit and serves herself some.
Panel 5: She eats the fruit. Everyone eats in silence as the robots go about their work.
Panel 6: Sahar: "So. My son is datin a Martian."