↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida has a shocked expression.
Panel 2: Nat shrugs and smiles. Nat: "Keeping up wiff you is exhausting, Martian Girl! I'd've run out of citations long before the end of the year. Then I'd be the one who gets excluded."
Panel 3: Nat: "You're tougher than you look! I ain't never had competition like you. Well played, good game."
Panel 4: Nat takes Maida's ID card and taps her own card against it. Nat: "Look me up, wherever you go next. I wanna know how bad it goes for w'oever you go up against."
Panel 5: Nat turns as she walks away. Nat: "See ya round, mate. Kick their arses."
Panel 6: Maida looks on, confused. Narrator: "What..."
Panel 7: Maida clicks her locker closed.