Nat’s back.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida puts her tablet into her shoulder bag and reaches into her locker for more stuff.
Panel 2: She turns around quickly.
Panel 3: Nat is leaning casually against a locker a few feet away. Nat: "So they're kicking you out of here, yeh?"
Panel 4: Maida has a serious expression. Maida: "Yes. I punched you in the face, innit?"
Panel 5: Nat, smiling: "Man, you did! I actually never saw it coming. I ain't bin hit like that since I was twelve!"
Panel 6: Maida takes her PE kit out of her locker and stuffs it in her bag. Maida: "Well, I'm sorry. I thought I'd only get excluded. Turns out I may, in fact, have ruined my whole future. So that turned out well."
Panel 7: Nat, with an evil expression: "Good. I'm glad they're kicking you out."