I wrote two entire poems for the first panel of this page, even knowing there was no chance you’d be able to see very much of them, only to have Nat rip them up right in front of us. Rude.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Nat looks through Maida's poetry book. There is a poem about gravity and love. Nat: "What a ah-lian. Heh."
Panel 2: Maida's eyes well up.
Panel 3: Nat casually starts a tear in some of the pages. Nat: "Woops!"
Panel 4: There is an overwhelming ripping noise. Maida looks on as her book turns into shreds of paper before her eyes. Nat: "Oh no! Your hand-written poetry, Maida!"
Panel 5: Maida is shocked, gritting her teeth, in a deep cloud of cold.
Panel 6: Maida radiates beams of anger. Maida: "Keep it, slag. I don't need it."
Panel 7: Maida walks away, not looking back at Nat, a cold look on her face.