I don’t think this is as devastating a put-down as Toya thinks it is.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Zaynab and Maida have a close conversation sitting in the dinner hall at school. Zaynab: "I don't know, Maida. This sounds illegal."
Panel 2: Maida rolls her eyes. Maida: "It's only 'illegal' if you consider standing up to an immoral government to be against the law!" Zaynab, with her arms crossed: "So, definitely illegal, then."
Panel 3: Zaynab: "I know that Earth has problems, That's why the Founders planned Co'erence Crises. When a problem gets bad enough, a Co'erence Crisis hits, and that one fing gets fixed. Fings get a little better each time."
Panel 4: Zaynab, while putting fried tofu in her mouth: "The shidafu ain't great, but we're better off wiff them than we were before them, I fink."
Panel 5: Maida, poking at her food: "Well, if you don't want to come with me, you don't have to." Zaynab: "No, I want to go. If it's safe for us!" Toya arrives at their table with a tray of food. Toya: "Aiya, you didn't invite Zaynab, did you?"
Panel 6: Toya sits down beside Zaynab. Toya: "She's too much of a chamchi to be a revolutionary, innit." Zaynab, who is upset: "I am not a chamchi! I can be bad if I want to! Toya!"
Panel 7: Toya, grinning: "The only fing you're bad at, mate, is gaming! I 'eard you got sacked from the Apocalypse Ant team!"