So I think I’m officially one third of the way through this story? Only (about) 333 pages left to go.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida: "We're on a public train. There are cameras everywhere. My agent's recording this, and there are people watching us, right there."
Panel 2: Man 1: "What a bitch!"
Panel 3: Man 1: "I 'aven't even touched you. The only illegal fing going on here is your fake ID, "Martian Girl!"
Panel 4: He gets up and walks back to where his friend is sitting. Man 1: "Maybe don't lead men on if you don't like men." Man 2: "Ha ha! She don't sound anyfing like she does in her videos."
Panel 5: Maida sighs in relief to be alone again.
Panel 6: Her train speeds along near a busy highway and a small run-down house beneath a yellowish skylight, covered in graffiti.