Chapter four ends with a kiss. <3 The next two updates will be in between chapters, and then in three weeks from today, chapter 5 begins! I guess I'd better get drawing!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and Tahmaseb still hold hands as they stand next to a staircase that leads out of the culvert and back up to street level. Maida: "Well. This is my stop. It's a full day of school tomorrow, and I should get home before my aunt does."
Panel 2: Tahmaseb: "Yeh. You told me about that one mean girl. Don't take any crap from her. You shouldn't have to put up wiff it."
Panel 3: They let go of each other's hands.
Panel 4: Maida leans in and gives him a quick kiss.
Panel 5: She walks away up the staircase, satisfied. He smiles.
Panel 6: She smiles wider as they get farther apart.