I’m assuming, here, that the @ symbol will carry its recently acquired meaning with it long after Twitter is a ghost of a memory of a smoking ruin that has been lost to history. So, at least ten more years.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida stands up, startled. Maida: "Yes, Miss!" Miss Odomo: "This is Maida, everyone. I have it on good autority that she's a poetic prodigy."
Panel 2: Miss Odomo: "I won't make you share a poem on your first day if you're not wantin to, Maida." Maida: "Alright."
Panel 3: Miss Odomo: "Next time you come round, bring a poem you've written, alright?"
Panel 4: Maida sits down, smiling. Maida: "Fank-you, Miss."
Panel 5: Maria gives Maida a thumbs-up.
Panel 6: Orson offers her the ID card he wears on a lanyard around his neck. Orson: "Oi-- Trade IDs wiff me?" Maida: "Oh! Um. Sure."
Panel 7: Maida taps her card on Orson's. Hansa: "Me too! I don't want this boy to get any big ideas."
Panel 8: Hansa taps her card on Maida's, her left hand on her right elbow in a formal pose. Hansa: "I'm Hansa. Don't @ me unless it's an emergency, dada."