Hi. So it’s now been exactly one year since I posted the last page of Phobos and Deimos. And I didn’t want to let this milestone pass uncommented-upon. The good news is, I’ve scripted out the entirety of this approximately 523-page monster. In fact I wrote it all and then I rewrote most of it. The script, or sections of it, has passed through the hands of seven editors and/or sensitivity readers. I have one more person I want to run it by, but the script is close enough to done that I can pretty much call it done. I have chapter three in draft form and it’s ready to be penciled.

The bad news is, I’ve had a very busy year with my other commitments and it’ll be at least one more month before I can draw Maida and her mates again. Then I’ll need to build up a buffer before I can start posting pages.

So while it’s going to look like this webcomic is deceased for another two or three months, I want you to know, a lot has actually been happening that you can’t see yet. And we’re SO close to Phobos and Deimos being real again. All I want right now is to be drawing this comic. I’ll get my wish soon.