There’s some subtext that Davinder missed a few pages back, I think.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Davinder leads Maida into a room with a row of blank plinths in front of a decorated tile wall. Davinder: "Yeh. You know, mallquis." Maida: "Um..."
Panel 2: Davinder taps on the edge of a plinth and a hologram of a matronly old woman appears above it. Davinder: "Nani-ji, wake up!" Nani-ji: "Good morning, Davinder. Or, good afternoon, I should say."
Panel 3: Davinder, leaning casually on his Nani-ji's plinth: "Nani-ji is my favourite. I knew her when she was alive." Nani-ji, smiling: "Oh, stop. You'll make the other ancestors jealous."
Panel 4: Maida, with recognition spreading across her face: "Oh! I understand. Mallquis! On Mars we just call them mizimu."
Panel 5: Maida bows as politely as she can manage. Maida: "It's an honour to meet you, ma'am." Nani-ji: "Mars, you say?" Davinder: "Maida is a Martian. She might be moving into the servants' quarters."