I like Saranjit. I like her a lot.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mr. Morales-Parmar: "Perhaps you'll be a better influence on her than her usual friends."
Panel 2: Maida, glancing at Saranjit nervously as Saranjit gives her the evil eye: "Um..."
Panel 3: Maida, attempting a smile: "Well... We don't really see much of each other. We only have one class together, I think."
Panel 4: Saranjit continues to give Maida the death stare. Mr. Morales-Parmar: "Ujana, have you given any more thought to moving into the servants' quarters? There's plenty of room!"
Panel 5: Mrs. Morales-Parmar: "Our girls could take the car togevver to school!"
Panel 6: Ujana: "Ah, sir, ma'am, that's very generous, but when Maida's mother makes it to Earth we will want to share a flat together."
Panel 7: Mr. Morales-Parmar: "Ah, well, no matter." Davinder: "So you do have a mum, then!" Mrs. Morales-Parmar: "Davinder, don't be rude. Of course she does."