I went through several different ideas for what to do with these pages between chapters. At first I was going to put relevant historical quotes in, like some other sci-fi books I like. I even had a bunch of those quotes picked out. But not all of them were equally relevant to the story, some of them were translated and the translations not public domain, or else the quotes themselves weren’t public domain. I had this same problem with A Mad Tea-Party, which is why the final graphic novel only has one quote in the whole book.

I like this idea much better anyways: quotes from sources that do not exist yet. I’d rather take this as an opportunity to flesh out the world I’ve built than tell you more things about the world you already live in. I haven’t planned any of them out, yet. I’m only going to write them once I’ve drawn each chapter, in the hopes that the space of time in between will help me to write them more differently from each other, as if they really come from different authors.

There will be at least a few actual quotes still in the book. I have a couple in mind that will be important to the plot. The rest will be new.

↓ Transcript
Il fly 2 th land of ice & stone
Where God & I can be alone
Rome will burn & London drown
You stay & watch th world fall down
Il be lonely, cold, & free
On th other side of th Southrn Sea
-from "Quit While You Can," on the 2186 album of the same name, by Amrit O'Reilly, Irish psychopop artist.