I like the colour palette I came up with for Luna. I wonder if I’ll ever get to use it again after these few pages?

Given the travel times and technology involved, it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep all human viruses off of Mars. Same for the viruses in most animals. As long as that quarantine is maintained, there can no new vector for new viruses to arrive. And the only real disadvantage to doing so would be when Martians travel back to Earth.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Flashback to Mars. Maida and her aunt make their way, along with a crowd of other travelers on foot, away from the scene of the Kakure attack at the train station. The Martian military oversees them. Maida's voice-over: "We left Mars-- my aunt and I-- because it wasn't safe there anymore. My mum and... My mum is going to follow us as soon as she can."
Panel 2: Maida and her aunt sit on a bench, looking tired, in a refugee camp under a dome on Luna. Voice-over: "We went to Luna first. That's where all the fugees go. It was crowded and awful."
Panel 3: Two people in hazmat suits and a refugee with an unhealthy-sounding cough pass Maida and her aunt. Voice-over: "A lot of us took ill, which we're not used to. Mars doesn't have viruses."
Panel 4: A medic in spotless white clothes goes over some files while Maida sits in a medical room. A plaque on the wall reads: "To preserve our human nature." Voice-over: "But the worst is that they had to change us, before we could move to Earth."