I like Maida’s mom. I think it was important to get this scene in.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida puts the empty cylinder on the kitchen table. Maida: "I guess I have to go out again one way or the other, now." Maida's mum: "Maida, come sit with me for a minute."
Panel 2: Maida's mum pats the space beside her on the couch. Maida's mum: "Come on."
Panel 3: Maida sits down. Maida's mum: "We're going to split this awful factory curry and worry about finding more food after."
Panel 4: Maida's mum: "RIght now I'm just happy that my beloved daughter is safe, that I get to spend some time with her, and that, Alhamdulillah, no one within 200 million km has even thought about taking my air away."
Panel 5: Maida's mum scoops up some of the curry in her hand. Maida leans against her shoulder. Maida's mum: "We even have this terrible food to eat! It's practically paradise." Maida: "I missed you, Mum. You're paradise."