I was mad at the tech industry when I wrote this, and at “effective altruism,” and I still am now.

↓ Transcript
To: DAO_members@oraclex.in
Subject: No way in hell
Obviously I deeply resent being described as “heartless.” Me!! But more to the point, the Coherence Crisis isn’t up for debate. All of my math is built on the unique malleability of coherence points. The whole DAO voted on this plan, years ago. If the price to protect the future of humanity is a little war between the Antarctic settlements, so be it! That’s compassion! That’s altruistic! If Hastings can’t see that in the numbers, he has no business being a part of this venture.
Seize his shares. I want him gone. He can take it up with SEBI, but we’re in a strong enough position now that we can start ignoring them. The First Crisis is a week away and Troy Hastings isn’t stopping this train. I’m the one who’s saving civilisation. I’m the singularity. I’m the Kwisatz Haderach. I’m god damn Hari Seldon.
Now let’s go save the world. ♥ 😉
- Sonder Khemani, in an internal OracleX email, August 21, 2278.