↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb: "Alright. I do get that. It's about visas. I know."
Panel 2: Maida: "I have a lot of responsibilities right now. Maybe I always did, in truth." Tahmaseb: "Me too. I'm basically in charge of this whole group, now."
Panel 3: Maida: "No. Sit." They sit down next to each other on the stairs at the feet of the statue. Maida: "Let's talk about you. What do you want? Not for me. Not for the world. For yourself."
Panel 4: Tahmaseb: "Everyfing I want is for the world. I decided a long time ago that what 'appens to me don't matter. You know that."
Panel 5: Maida: "Okay so where does that leave room for us? If there isn't even room for you?"
Panel 6: Tahmaseb: "Maida, I know I can win this fight, if you're fighting here beside me. We're amazing, togevver."
Panel 7: Narrator: "That would be perfect. I would love that. If I thought we could really do it and both survive. If no one else would get hurt."