One of the “future predictions” I’m a little more confident about is that the future has multiple internets. We’re probably not far off from that. The more fictional idea is that it would be possible to build a bot that can do a job for you without reporting back to the government or to a corporation before it tells you what it saw. Bots that aren’t primarily designed for mining their user’s personal data– now THAT’S science fiction.

Mangala is Mars in Sanskrit, as I think we’ve already learned. Venuso is Venus in Esperanto, and Merkur in Mercury in Tamazight (a North African language).

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Rehema: "For now I just need to look after the family I know I still have." Maida's mum reaches out towards her. She doesn't move or look up.
Panel 2: Maida: "I haven't been able to find him either." Maida's mum looks surprised.
Panel 3: Maida: "I trained and cloned an army of bots to go looking for any mention of him, anywhere."
Panel 4: Rehema, still looking confused: "An army of..." Maida: "Each planet has its own internet. Searching one from the other is slow and expensive, usually."
Panel 5: Maida: "It's not a technology problem. Ansibles are instantaneous. But none of the planets want to give up so much control. But if I program a bot and send it across the gap it can search on its own."
Panel 6: Maida, hanging her head: "I sent them to Mangala, Venuso, Merkur, even the outer planets. None of them made it back with a positive report."
Panel 7: Maida holds her mum's hand and looks at her aunt. Maida: "I think... I think maybe there's nothing to find."
Panel 8: The block of flats, from outside.