It’s Maida’s mom!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Narrator: "Two months before finals, one of my prayers was answered, at least. My mum finally arrived on Earth." Maida and her aunt stand in a crowded transit station as arrivals walk past on the other side of a ribboned-off area. They hold a sign that says, "Karibu nyumbani Mama." A woman in a head-wrap with a cloth bag over one shoulder notices them.
Panel 2: Maida leaps into her mum's arms, despite the ribbon barrier between them. Maida: "Mama!" Rehema (Maida's mum): "Oh, Maida! My goodness you're so tall."
Panel 3: Maida and her mum share a long hug. Narrator: "I didn't even know what to say. I just never wanted to let go."
Panel 4: Maida's aunt hugs the both of them together. Ujana: "Welcome! Welcome! Dada! Finally we can be a family!" Rehema: "Oof! Gentle! My bones are still sore from surgery."
Panel 5: The three of them hold hands as they walk down a street. Narrator: "We took it slow on the way home so Mum could get used to the gravity. But she insisted on walking as much as possible."
Panel 6: Narrator: "Summers on Mangala we used to go on so many long walks. We talked about every little thing. We had two Earth years of catching up to do."
Panel 7: Narrator: "We talked about everything but the one thing on all of our minds." There is an empty space beside the three of them where another person could fit.