Some of what Orson’s saying isn’t crazy. Nanites are real in this world. But they can’t run independently on wifi because wifi is radio waves and radio waves are big. You would need something of a visible size in order to receive radio signals, I’m pretty sure. The hive thing that Xiaoping is talking about is also real, and it is possible to have one implanted in you. In fact most people already do, not for spying purposes, but for anti-viral purposes. Maida got one installed in chapter one. Medical nanite hives don’t have wifi either. That’s… not something you want to be hackable.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Orson gestures with his hands wildly as he makes his case. Orson: "There's noffing you can do to stay safe! The shidafu have swarms of free-floating nanobots to record everyfing that 'appens!"
Panel 2: Orson: "You're fools if you fink they can't hear you lot right now!"
Panel 3: Xiaoping: "I'm pretty sure nanites need a hive... fing... to send messages, which takes wifi, and is, like, a visible size. Like you could see it." Orson leans in front of Annette to shout at Xiaoping. Orson: "Not if the hive is inside someone! They have people, too!"
Panel 4: Orson: "They have agents everywhere!" He stands up and points out the window at a random passerby, who notices he's being dramatically pointed at but keeps moving. Orson: "That guy. See how slowly he's walking by?"
Panel 5: He points at Annette, who's sitting beside him. Orson: "Or her! I don't know this girl." Annette: "What?!" Orson: "Can any of you be sure she ain't a shidafu sleeper agent?"
Panel 6: Annette, indignantly: "I'm Annette! Maida's mate! You've met me before, arse-face!" Orson, shouting as he interrupts her: "We need weapons!"
Panel 7: Orson: "We need someone who can break the safeties on a factory, print up a heap of guns, and take back the streets one by one!"