Welcome to John Calvin Charity Secondary School, Maida. Hope you survive the experience.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: John Calvin Charity Secondary is a cold, concrete building with narrow windows and lots of chain link fencing. Outside a teacher walks over to some teenage boys smoking in a corner.
Panel 2: a holographic screen has a poem written on it. "Day by day, snow falls on the roof. Day by day..."
Panel 3: Maida looks at the screen with disinterest and taps her finger on a desk.
Panel 4: Her finger hovers over the delete button.
Panel 5: A balled up piece of paper flies through the screen, breaking it apart into water vapour.
Panel 6: Two girls in the next table over look at Maida-- a white girl with thick, curly hair wearing a patchwork sarape, and a Black girl with carefully coiffed curls and a plaid pink dress. Girl 1: "Oi! New kid! You're not working, are you? In Mr. Gamar's class?"
Panel 7: At the other end of the room, Mr. Gamar sits at his desk and argues loudly with one of his students. Mr. Gamar: "Sit down! Now!" Angry girl: "This is fascism! You can't make me stay in class!" Girl 1 (causally): "This class is a joke!"