I like the colours here.

I’m sure there must be other people living at the Begzadi Estate besides Tahmaseb’s ex-mum. Someone else must be slated to inherit all this from her, at least, and surely not all the staff are robots. But thematically I wanted it to be huge and empty with only robots and birds to keep her company. This is about the kind of person she is, not the practical details of her household structure. An aristocrat could use her wealth to fill the space with well-fed, happy people. That’s how the Morales-Parmars like to think of themselves. Sahar is most definitely not doing that, and no one can make her.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb and Maida walk along the beautifully tiled, covered walkway they used to get in. They're a little apart from each other, not speaking. They're led by a robot again.
Panel 2: Maida moves over and gently bumps into Tahmaseb's shoulder. Maida: "Hey. No matter what happens, you're the one who gets the credit for changing my life. Not her. Okay?"
Panel 3: Tahmaseb, still sullen: "Alright. I just 'ope I 'aven't made fings worse, is all."
Panel 4: Maida holds his hand. Maida: "Oh if things get worse I'm sure there will be plenty of people to share the blame with." Tahmaseb: "Ha." Maida: "I'll be sure you only get a small percentage of the blame. A finder's fee for trouble."