↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and Tahmaseb enter a vast room with an elegant staircase leading up to unseen rooms. There are holographic chandeliers and an indoor garden behind the staircases with tropical trees and clouds of mist.
Panel 2: A woman descends the staircase. She has embroidered robes, carefully coiffed hair, a halo of stars, and flowers and butterflies that follow her everywhere. Sahar: "Tahmaseb."
Panel 3: Sahar: "It's been a while."
Panel 4: Maida leans close to Tahmaseb. Maida: "She doesn't look... quite like I expected." Tahmaseb: "She never could settle on just one look."
Panel 5: Sahar is still half a flight of stairs above Maida and Tahm. Tahmaseb: "Sahar. I see you have a new face. Dark skin is in again?" Sahar: "Hm. I hear ya haven't grown out of that accent."