Part of my goal with this scene, after we’ve already seen the house the Morales-Parmar family lives in, was to make this estate look like it’s on a whole nother level. This is OLD money. This isn’t the estate of someone who invented a pretty good phone a generation ago and is fighting to make sure the next generation is up to the challenge of inheriting that wealth. This is wealth that is unkillable and self-assured. It maintains.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: A wide shot of a honeycombed dome containing a terraced stone palace, surrounded by gardens and fountains and towers. Flocks of birds fly around the space and the whole is lit by a setting sun. Narrator: "The Begzadi Estate."
Panel 2: Maida and Tahmaseb walk along a covered path with an intricate tile floor. They are led by a squat robot. Another robot trims the hedges along the path. Maida: "I think this house is as big as my home town." Tahmaseb: "Yeahh. She owns about four percent of Antarca's ice-free land. And a bunch in other countries, too."