↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The shidafu and the desk they were sitting behind break apart into a cloud of water vapour as the hologram is turned off, leaving Maida and the head teacher alone in the room.
Panel 2: The head teacher looks at where the shidafu had been.
Panel 3: Head teacher: "I want you to know that it is not my place to question the decisions of the University Placement Committee. One might as well question the whims of the angels."
Panel 4: She organizes some papers on her desk briskly. Head teacher: "But your exclusion stands! My role is to mould girls into good, loyal Earthers. I can only pray you'll do better wiff what Zhongshan gives you than you have wiff what I have given."
Panel 5: She files the papers in a box. Head teacher: "You may leave now, Kilwa. Clear out your locker."
Panel 6: Head teacher: "Consider yourself lucky that Miss Fisher's mum seemed uninterested in involving the police." Maida looks down, embarrassed or ashamed or both.