I’ve been waiting to draw this page for a very long time.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Nat holds up two halves of a page torn from Maida's poetry book so that she can read it out. Nat: "'My Beautiful Orphan Boy,' by Maida Kilwa. 'His smile, like sunlight. His eyes, like shining stars...' Thurga laughs.
Panel 2: Nat leans in close to Maida. Nat: "How is your 'Orphan Boy' these days, Maida Martian?"
Panel 3: Maida clenches her fist. She's shaking.
Panel 4: Maida punches Nat right in the face, taking her completely by surprise and knocking her over.
Panel 5: Nat, dazed, looks up at Maida, who has no regrets.
Panel 6: Maida walks back in the direction she came from without saying a word. All the students in the hallway look at her in shock.