Time for another flashback!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Safia (who is rolling her eyes): "You have to be popular, and basically a vaisya already, to afford to do student politics."
Panel 2: Maida (who looks at the list of clubs with a twinkle in her eye): "Oh! There's a poetry club!"
Panel 3: Zaynab (who grabs the display away from Maida): "Poetry! That's no good, is it!"
Panel 4: Safia: "What about sport? Do you play a sport?"
Panel 5: Maida: "Ah... no. I used to. But now I can't."
Panel 6: Zaynab: "Well, you need some kind of plan."
Panel 7: Zaynab: "Your parents are paying a lot of money for you to go to this school, so don't waste it. That's my advice!" There is a flashback to the inside of Maida's house on Mars when she was younger. It's warm but windowless. Her parents are hugging. Maida's voice-over: "My parents."