It’s not fun to be on the flip side of the scene from the end of chapter one.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida sits on a crowded train. She looks at the screen on her ID card while other passengers mind their own business. Caption: "Eight months, one week left."
Panel 2: An Arab guy in a taqiyah and a Black guy with green sunglasses, both wearing black and white that marks them as Vee-Esses, look up the sin sheets of everyone else around them. First guy, pointing to someone walking past: "Oh! This guy! He's got a record." Second guy: "Ha ha."
Panel 3: First guy, looking at a woman with shopping bags sitting near Maida: "What are you looking at, Miss Two-Time Divorce!" She gets up and moves away.
Panel 4: Second guy (off camera): "Oh, do her! That girl!" Maida turns around.
Panel 5: They both look at her through their glasses. First guy: "Oh, woahhh! Mate! Look at this!" Second guy: "'Martian Girl.' Ha-ha!"
Panel 6: The first guy walks over to Maida to talk to her. First guy: "Ey, Martian Girl! You're way more fit than your profile pic."