A comic within a comic, on the internet, about an internet that doesn’t exist.

Anyways, there’s my biggest contribution to the science fiction ouvre: government censorship of video game character skins once they’ve been adopted as anti-government memes.

↓ Transcript
A line-drawn comic cut-and-pasted together from screenshots in Kukuku.
Panel 1: An egg character hangs upside-down from a gallows. A generic character says: "Blubbo iz ded Muma" to a cat with glasses.
Panel 2: The cat is crying. Cat: "O so AWful of only the Algorithn ded not rekwire such a awful Sacrifys Poor Blubbo it Wilent be in vein." The generic character says: "Mumma."
Panel 3: The cat, scaled up dramatically, still crying: "Of ONLY the Algorithm cud take Me instead T GRATR GOOD must Be Served." The generic character: "U did it tho UR the Algrithm."
Panel 4: The cat continues moving towards the camera, crying. The generic character is roped up next to the egg character in the background.
- Anonymous comic originating in the Kukuku chat window, 2177 (Blacklisted that same year, followed by the related character skins being blacklisted from the game as well).