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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and Tahmaseb walk past a panorama of concrete and pipes. Two birds fight in the air above them. Maida: "The last Crisis was about trade on Luna, and something about land ownership. The details don't really matter, I guess. It was nothing to do with Mars, except, trade with Luna was one of our main things. The Martian economy was hit hard, the Lowlanders blamed the Soviet, the Highlanders liked the old government, and here we are."
Panel 2: Maida: "If Coherence Crises are supposed to keep Earth safe and stable, it seems to me they do the exact opposite everywhere else."
Panel 3: Maida's hand brushes up against Tahmaseb's.
Panel 4: Now they're holding hands, much to Maida's surprise. Tahmaseb: "So you're saying Earth started the Martian Civil War. The Soviet didn't collapse because of aberrants or bad management."
Panel 5: They are definitely holding hands now.
Panel 6: Maida, still a little embarrassed: "R-right. Mars was never perfect, we had our problems, but we did alright for 200 years."
Panel 7: Tahmaseb: "I had no idea." Maida: "You too? Nobody knows this! I don't understand!"