I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last update. Well, I’m back! All of my web design work is done, and even this site (the one that WASN’T broken), has some upgrades and new features. I expect to be able to resume weekly page updates into the forseeable future.

Looking at the pages from this upcoming scene, I feel like it’s pretty obvious how much time I’ve been spending driving through Burnaby and New West. There are parts that look a little like this (minus the domes).

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Street scene of part of a multi-story structure, with sewage pipes, graffiti, and despondent souls at the bottom, Qing Dynasty style architecture and holographic cartoon clouds on a middle tier, and parks and steel and glass architecture high up above it all.
Panel 2: Another street scene, this of a concrete culvert running along the base of some massive supports for a geodesic dome, which we can only see through the gaps between condo towers and public transit.
Panel 3: A quiet, out of the way street that butts up against a disused park area, fenced off with chain link and an eviction notice, with a scattering of tents and makeshift structures.