↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida, Toya, Xiaoping, and Annette hang around the base of a busy staircase. Maida: "You lot have got to come to this club I found during the summer." Annette: "Do they have bands and crap? What sort of music is it?"
Panel 2: Nat walks down the staircase, followed by Thurga and Priya. Nat and Maida catch each other's eyes.
Panel 3: Nat, half-smiling: "Heyyy, Maida. I heard you had quite the birfday party. Too bad I wan't invited."
Panel 4: Thurga, hautily: "Oi! Maida's Martian birfday party? She didn't invite me neivver! Were you invited, Priya?" Priya, smiling: "Not even!"
Panel 5: Maida, making a very rude hand gesture: "Go stick a fork in your eye, Nat."