↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Flashback to Maida visiting the Morales-Parmar estate. Saranjit sits in a window alcove, holding court, while Maida stands near, arms crossed. Saranjit: "I didn't go to Nat's party, for what it's worf. I don't do school parties. They're beneaf my station."
Panel 2: Narrator: "And also..." Saranjit: "Well, you've clearly failed to take my advice to just lay low."
Panel 3: Saranjit: "So I recommend plan B. Get your own gang. For protection. Or else you'll be Nat's playfing all year long."
Panel 4: Back to the present with Maida and Zaynab. Maida: "So there you go. A ready-made gang. Made up of people I can trust."
Panel 5: Maida: "...People who won't betray me." Zaynab starts to tear up.
Panel 6: Zaynab, looking sad: "Oh. Okay."
Panel 7: Zaynab starts to turn away. Zaynab: "I'll leave you alone, then."