↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida slides down in her chair, attempting to disappear. Narrator: "I need to just crawl inside my own skin and disappear." Orson: "So seriously, what's our next move? Sharing poetry in a underground club ain't gonna get us far."
Panel 2: Tahmaseb: "Rivkah... Miss Odomo... always says that art can move mountains. I fink art is a great place for us to start." Narrator: "Why would anyone as cool as Tahmaseb be interested in me?"
Panel 3: Orson taps the side of his nose conspiratorially. Orson: "Sure, to start. But at some point we've got to move on to more... direct action. Know'amean?"
Panel 4: Maida sits up attentively. Maida: "Direct action, like a protest? I thought that was illegal here."
Panel 5: Hansa casually sips her drink. Hansa: "Oh it's legal, but that don't mean they won't disappear you for it anyways."
Panel 6: Orson leans in close to the rest of the group. Orson: "Protesting is just more talk, innit? What we need is action."