↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and her mum go inside their bunker and Maida stomps down the stairs happily. Maida's mum: "Take your snowsuit off. Don't get water everywhere." Voice-over: "We lived on the Highland Plains, far away from Mangala's busy, crowded lowlands."
Panel 2: Voice-over: "From a young age, I knew Mangala had troubles."
Panel 3: Maida, with her snowsuit still on, lands on top of her unsuspecting younger brother. Maida: "Avalanche! Ha ha!" Maida's mum: "Maida!" Ibrahim: "Ow! Clear off!"
Panel 4: Maida hugs her brother. Voice-over: "But for a while, at least, those troubles never touched me."
Panel 5: Cut back to the present day, with Maida quietly crying into her scarf in the corner of the bathroom.