And thus ends chapter 3. There will be a few pages if transitional material, and then we’re going right into chapter 4. What will Maida do now??

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida stops running in a large, empty stairwell made of concrete archways and wrought-iron banisters. A sign on the wall has been altered to say "Doi t feed the pigeons." In the distance a glass and brick skyway takes people here and there on business. Maida: "Sniff"
Panel 2: Maida pulls out her holographic screen and Papadum appears. Maida: "Sniff. Papadum, list all of my friends." Papadum: "Here you go."
Panel 3: Maida goes through and deletes them all one by one.
Panel 4: She pauses when she gets to Orson Kim, Hansa Tavaranan, and Rivkah Odomo.
Panel 5: She looks at her screen with more determination than anger or sadness.