Yes they have emojis 500 years in the future. And Hansa communicates primarily in them.

GPA that’s scored out of 4.0 has not survived 500 years. It makes no sense.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida is happy and relieved. Maida: "Sigh"
Panel 2: 89%!
Panel 3: She walks down a school hallway where other girls are also checking their devices or looking over their marks. Maida (on text message): "89%! I got 89%! That makes my GPA this term 91% overall!"
Panel 4: She walks down the steps of the school's front entrance. Ujana (on text message): "I knew you could do it!" Mr. Morales-Parmar (on text message): "Good work, Maida."
Panel 5: Maida sits on a busy commuter train. Orson (on text message): "And you were worried about exams! Piece of cake, just like I said, innit." Hansa (on text message): "Nice!! Not bad, dada! (purple heart emoji, flexing biceps, writing pencil, purple heart again, sparkles, rude hand gesture)."