We did it! The Kickstarter succeeded! Thank-you to everyone who backed it, and also thank you to all the new readers who have found this comic in the past month. There are about 15 pages left for me to post from volume 1, but then there are about 300 pages after that that will comprise volume 2, so no matter what you’ve got a webcomic you can keep reading for a while.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida slaps Tahmaseb's hand away. Maida: "What is wrong with you?! That man could've arrested us! Shot us! Deported me!!"
Panel 2: Tahmaseb: "Hey! It's alright! All cops have birds. The birds, at least, are all the same and the cops are supposed to do what they're told."
Panel 3: Maida: "'Supposed to?' I can't rely on that. This is my life, Tahm! My whole life!"
Panel 4: Tahmaseb: "Okay. Fair. Any situation wiff cops carries at least some risk. But you're the one who's always reminding me we need to physically get in the way of our oppressors."
Panel 5: Tahmaseb: "...So we can't take no risks. Right?" Maida looks down instead of looking at him.
Panel 6: Narrator: "You don't get to throw my words back at me. There's a massive difference between a big group taking risks and just two of us. You grew up in a palace! Your family is all still alive! Of course you assume you'll be safe. I'm scared. All the time! Why can't you see that?"